Tour du Péloponnèse, 11-17 October 2015


Our ambition is to combine Prestige, Elegance & Exclusivity for Classic car owners who want to explore Greece by:

- Giving you the satisfaction of navigating well maintained routes and old meandering paths with your Vintage or Classic Car.
- Inviting you to discover our philosophy and culture with private guided tours on archaeological sites and visiting top wineries while tasting and enjoying our traditional cuisine. 
- Raising your adrenaline! Hence, we combine each destination with competitive (regularity) challenges throughout the whole sportive venture.

Tour du Péloponnèse offers you the opportunity to drive your classic car and visit some of the most beautiful areas in Greece at the same time, during this combination touring event in the Peloponnese. Here you will be able to experience driving on windy roads with some of the most spectacular scenery that Greece has to offer: Ancient Olympia, Epicures Apollo Temple, Mycenae, Nafplio, Sparta, and many other stunning, historical sights.

Total distance of the 7 day tour will be approximately 1200 km of best quality tarmac. Tow trucks, security and specialist guides will be part of our team.

Follow us to the Ancient Peloponnesian routes under the Greek sun and enjoy the famous hospitality of the Greek people.


* The event is under the auspices of OMAE (motorsport federation) through which it has received the assent and the permission. Insurance cover for crews covered by the annual insurance contract of OMAE (ΕΤΗΝΙΚΙ Insurance).

Fly and Drive option is available for long distance participants. Choose a classic car from our collection (still some interesting cars available) and enjoy Greece. Contact us now for more information.