Itinerary - Πρόγραμμα

  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Sunday 30th September Port of Patras 15:30 79,00 km Loutra Kyllinis 17:00 Overnight, Olympia Riviera Thalasso
Sunday 30th September Welcome dinner 18:00 00,00 km Olympia Riviera Thalasso 20:00 Welcome dinner (Included in the E.F.)
Sunday 30th September Administrative Control/Participants Briefing 20:00 00,00 km End of Adminisrtative Control 22:00 Identification of cars, participation numbers and plates and rest of event material delivery
        79,00 km      
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Monday 1st October Loutra Kyllinis 09:00 60,76 Ancient Olympia 10:00 Scrutineering. Administrative control for Greek participants. Visit at the Ancient Olympia archeological site and museum before the Official Start
Monday 1st October  Ancient Olympia Official Start of TdP 12:00 66,06 Temple of Apollo Epicurius 14:00 Lunch break and visit at the Temple of Apollo Epicurius (Included in the E.F.)
Monday 1st October Temple of Apollo Epicurius 15:00 67,70 Dimitsana 17:00 Overnight at En Dimitsani, Nerida and Deligianni. Dinner at KALITHEA restaurant at 20:00 (Included in the E.F.)
        194,52 km      
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Tuesday 2nd October  Dimitsana 10:00  112,00 Kalamata 13:00 Visit at the historical center of Kalamata, lunch break at the seaside part of the city (Included in the E.F.)
Tuesday 2nd October  Kalamata 15:00 77,78 Limeni Mani 17:00 Overnight at Limeni Village Hotel. Dinner  (Included in the E.F.)
Tuesday 2nd October  Limeni Mani 17:00 13,74 Diros Caves 17:15 Optional visit at the magnificent Diros caves 
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Wednesday 3rd October  Limeni Mani 10:00 135,22 Mystras 13:00 A guided visit on the spectacular byzantine capital of Peloponnese. Lunch break (Included in the E.F.)
Wednesday 3rd October Mystras 15:00 107,45 Monemvasia 17:30 Overnight at Lazaretto Hotel and KeliaVisit at the medieval city of Monemvasia.
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Thursday 4th October  Monemvasia 10:00 60.45 Kyparissi 12:00 Break for traditional lunch and a visit at Kyparissi village (Included in the E.F).
Thursday 4th October  Kyparissi 14:00 131,70 Nafplio 17:00 Overnight at Neoklasiki Group HotelsA chance to discover nightlife of Nafplio.
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Friday 5th Octobe Nafplio 10:00 85,62 Methana peninsula 12:00 Break for lunch and a visit at Methana volcanic peninsula.
Friday 5th October Methana peninsula 13:00 76,56 Ancient theatre of Epidaurus  15:00 Guided visit at Ancient theatre of Epidaurus  
Friday 5th October Ancient theatre of Epidaurus  16:30 26,96 Nafplio 17:00 Return to Nafplio. Get ready for the NIGHT STAGE. 
Friday 5th October Nafplio 20:00 33,00 Argos 21:00 NIGHT STAGE around Larissa medieval castle.Official finish of  Tour du Peloponnese. Dinner (Included in the E.F).
Friday 5th October Argos 23:00 11,50 Nafplio 23:20 Overnight at Neoklasiki Group Hotels
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Saturday 6th October   Nafplio 10:00 25,30 Mycenae  10:30 Visit at Mycenae archeological site and museum
Saturday 6th October  Mycenae  11:30 16,00 DOMAIN SKOURAS  12:00 Wine tasting at DOMAIN SKOURAS
Saturday 6th October  DOMAINE SKOURAS  14:00 127,00 Athens 16:00

Overnight at Novotel

Saturday 6th October  Novotel Hotel, Athens 20:00 00,60 Hellenic Motor Museum 21:00 Prize giving ceremony at Hellenic Motor Museum
  Date Departure Time Distance Arrival Time Stops
Sunday 7th October  Novotel Hotel, Athens 12:00 217,63 Port of Patras  15:00 Entering the Ferry Boat to Ancona Port
    Total Kilometres   1532.03